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This is a fan site for Forex enthusiasts.This website offers user's manuals for each Forex brokers including XM, free distribution of sophisticated MT4 indicators, bonuses and various other promotions.

XM Demo Account | Complete Guide to Open and Login

XM Demo Account | Complete Guide to Open and Login

Explains how to open a demo account with XM, summarising the features, precautions and frequently asked questions of XM's demo account. It also introduces how to install and log in to MT4 and MT5 to start demo trading, and provides support until you start trading.
how to open xm additional account

XM Additional Account Opening Manual 2023

This is a manual for opening an additional account with XM. In addition to the 'How to open an additional account' section, the manual also covers related information such as 'How to transfer funds between accounts' and 'How to delete a trading account'.
XM Registration Manual for Open Real Account

XM Registration Manual 2023 for Open Real Account

Manual on how to register and open a real account with XM. The procedure differs for each country of residence, but this manual is available for all countries, including Malaysia and the Philippines. both PC and smartphone compatible.